Castle Peak
Castle Peak is located one exit west of the Donner Summit rest area.  Take the Boreal Ridge, Castle Peak exit off of I-80.  Castle
is on the North side of the road, turn accordingly.  Set your odometer at the USFS gate for mileages.

-.06 miles go left at Y
-.24 miles stay right at Y
-.60 miles park on left

From the parking area the trail heads west along the abandoned road, towards the large meadow.  

Skirt the south end of the meadow to where it pinches off into the woods, cross the creek at this point.

From here the trail becomes a bit more obvious.  Continue along the same elevation, there are some ups and
downs, just follow the trail west.

The first boulder you will come to sits on the edge of the treeline, on the south side of the trail.  This is the
Gateway boulder, 5-10 problems exist, however it receives very little attention.

Once past the Gateway boulder you will drop a slight hill, then traverse through a lush area, another boulder will be on the North
side of the trail.

From here the Under Queen boulders are 150 yards due West.

Once you have reached the Under Queens, Treasure Cove is another 300yards West.  The trail is obvious.

Good Luck!
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